domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

teaching skills of English teacher

in this essay i will try to explain tha main skills that a teacher needs to be a good teacher.
one of the most important part in this process is that the teacher has to organize and guide the way that the students try to learn and he has to develop the 4 habilities (read, write, listen, speak) obviously the teaher has to have a good level of english because he will be guide and he just have to drive the way that the students have to learn.
the teacher has to design didactics acording the kind of group and he has to make plans acording the capacity of the group and the objective has to be clear and it has to be based on the programm.
the teacher has to know many diferents kindsteaching for each skills that he want to improve, he has to apply all the knowledge that he has, using a comunicative focus and based on the programm.
the teacher has to use a comunicative focus proposes the oral work as a means for students to develop communication skills and acquire the lenguaje, through practice in groups the student recived languaje.
in conclusion; we like teacher must be preparated in many ways, we had to improve our english, we have to analize the way that the students learn and discover new techique to teach and knew very well the program and know the focus that we need, to teach a foreign languaje.

miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

this is the nootebook where they wrtite the excerciseses that we did
those are the axames or the exercises that i did the have to put the correct word in the blanc space.

martes, 25 de enero de 2011

here they were responding some question that i did and i think they learn the differnreces between the use of must and did
here the students are answering the questions that the other students did, the students in this clasroom were shy and actually i cant work well with him, i dont know why but they were a few apatics and lazy so i cant make many dinamics.
she's the new teacher and i think she was a good person but she didnt let us practice more than a week but she help us with our practices
here they were playing bingo, they have to put a piece of paper in the space when i say the verb and the first that fill the paper win,

here im explaining some verbs because they cant understand some of them, we were playing bingo and with this group i can play very well and with my last group we cant play it good because they were rude

in my second practice in 3rd grade, i still practiced in the secundaria venustiano carranza but in this time the things were different, i practice just 2 days and the reason was that the techer was changed and we practice with a new teacher who told us that we can practice just 1 week, in this case y expose the same theme than the last time "Uses of Did and Didn´t"

my practices begin the tuesday 6 of december and we began my class, in this case i was conditioned by the teacher too, do i cant plan my class like i would be, so the first what i do was play a game, its know laki bingo and the intentions were 2 the firts attract their attention and the second was that they remember some verbs in present and past tense.

then i say the main differences between the uses of did and didnt and the uses of must and musnt then i put some activities and they have to recongize when use each auxiliaries.

my second activitie was writte a few questions that they have to answear depending if it was must or did, then they have to ask something to other person using did or didnt